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Unlimited Web Hosting Explained

Is there a computer in the world which has unlimited Disk? NO LIMITS OF DISK SPACE ???

Unlimited Hosting Pakisan Why are than web hosting companies in Pakistan and in the industry offering Unlimited resources?

Are hosting company fooling customers by listing unlimited plans.

These are some of the questions bothering web hosting enthusiastic in Pakistan.

The Unlimited web space Plans --
Ethics of Hosting Companies and Dreams of Customers

    If you logically answer the above question you need not read further only to know why and how the hosting companies manage this claim.
  1. Most web sites only consume a very small amount of bandwidth and disk space.
  2. Most of the customers are not aware of their needs and tend to think that theirs is going to be top traffic site in Pakistan.
  3. Bulk of the customer in Pakistan use 1/10 th less resources than they are paying.
  4. Hosting companies know it well and would oversell their servers Knowing it well that customers will use lesser resources.
  5. Check in the Terms of Service, there will invariably be limitations imposed to term unlimited there.
  6. Still, if a customer uses more resources, he is asked "using CPU resources more than shared hosting deservers".
  7. Such customers are than shunted out
  8. Customer in Pakistan, however, feel comfortable with this term used by their webhost as it gives them a feeling of not bothered about resources.

The Limitations of Unlimited Web Space Hosting Plans.

  • Most plans that offer unlimited will have some restrictions such as no audio or video downloads.
  • Check in the Terms of Service, there will invariably be limitations imposed to term unlimited there.
  • What if you are offered 50 GB space with no database and no violation of copy rights and no audio video contents and no undue load on server, Watch out ..... see the terms and conditions and question hosting company well.
  • For unlimited reseller hosting plans..... well look for the server cost, space and bandwidths the same company is offering at the same site, Are they offering servers with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth. If these are not being offered, how they are offering unlimited space to resellers

Why It works.

Because you want to have no worries of space and bandwidth (thus may get into life time headaches).

Remember, shared hosting is low paid service, if your website needs more traffic, more resources, try to get on with vps or dedicated server. Cost is one element, trouble is yet another, weigh these well.
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