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Terms of Services UNIQUE LINKS

Unacceptable Contents

Pornography and pornographic related merchandising including sites having links to pornographic contents.
Pirated software, “hacker” programs, archives of “Warez Sites”, game rooms or MUDs, IRC Bots, Egg Drop programs, any kind of illegal software or shareware, software/image repository.
Sites offering online gambling, casino functionality, sportsbook betting (including offshore), internet lotteries.
Contents and activities which infringes or misappropriate the Intellectual Property rights of third parties.

  • Defamatory speech, violation of indecency and obscenity laws.
    Contents / scripts which distribute of Internet viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other destructive activities, such as hacking.
    The above are prohibited on our network / servers. Penalities: Use of the above at our network / servers is prohibited and would result in suspension / termination of your services. Such suspension /termination may or may not be with a prior notice depending upon intensity of the violation and need to immediately stop such activity for reasons known to us.

    The above also include use of your website for such aspects, with or without your consent or knowledge.
    Suspension / termination when done for such reasons is not liable to any repayments of balance period of your subscribe service with us.
  • Illegal/Unauthorized Access to Other Computers or Networks

      The illegal or unauthorized accessing (often known as "hacking") of computers or networks carries potential civil and criminal penalties. We strongly discourage the illegal access to others website using any of our network / website hosted on it. We encourage our customers to undertake measures to protect their websites against such use by third person without their consent.
      For this we do provide necessary help documents / guidelines in our knowledge base. Each of website owner is responsible to secure his website and ensure that his website is not used for illegal purposes. The penalties in this regards are same as for "Unacceptable Contents" above.

    Spaming, Pishsing and Hacking

    Unsolicited, commercial mass e-mailing (known as "spamming") is a strongly disfavored practice among Internet users and web hosting providers It is particularly harmful not only because of Unique Links negative impact on consumer attitudes toward us, but also because it can overload our equipment and disrupt service to our customers. This includes listing a hosted domain in any unsolicited email. We shall terminate without any notice the services of any of our customers involved directly or indirectly in spamming or hacking practices. For any hacking of accounts maintained on our server and related data loss, please refer to the backup section above. We encourage our customers to undertake measures to protect their websites against spamming by third parties without customer's knowledge. For this we provide necessary help documents / guidelines in our knowledge base. Each website owner is responsible to ensure that his website is not used for spamming, phishing or hacking etc. The penalties in this regard are the same as for "Unacceptable Contents" above.

    Fair Use of Resources - Shared Severs

    Fair Use of Resources - Shared Severs - provides adequate web space and data transfer per month in each of its packages in good faith to our Customers so that they may create their websites without the fear of running over their web space or web traffic allocation. While most Customers will use the extra web space and traffic for their legitimate website needs, we recognize that others may try to take advantage of our offer and use the space and traffic in ways for which it is not intended. If at any time the Customer’s website generates enough bandwidth usage to affect the performance of the websites of other customer's sites on the server, Unique Links reserves the full right to suspend / terminate the Customer’s domain name without refund.

    Shared Hosting Accounts vs Server Resources

    Each of our customer is important to us, however, as a customer of Unique Links, you must understand that the server in case of shared hosting, is maintained to satisfy theover-all needs of the average client, but at the same time keep the server as clean as possible from numerous running programs which may cause undue server load / cause issue for other clients of shared hosting server. Unique links reserves the rights to warn, suspend or delete an account which it thinks is causing undue harm / load to server or is mailing in a manner to get server's IP address blocked at certain networks (thus causing harm not only to Unique Links but also to the interests all shared hosting clients using that server, or similar other actions. Unique Links reserves the full right to suspend / terminate the Customer’s domain name without refund.

    Customer Support

    Customer acknowledges that Unique Links cannot provide technical support for any software and/or script that the Customer installs, other than variable name changes. Customer also acknowledges that Unique Links does not provide technical support for Microsoft FrontPage, other than initial configuration. Customer also acknowledges that Unique Links does not provide technical support for third party scripts including the ones listed in Fantastico, softaculous and related similar / other third party scripts. We do however, try our best to resolve web hosting related issues where possible and where a given environment of server (shared hosting or dedicated server / VPS etc) permit such assistance without compromising security of their customers and the server. Unique Links shall be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a “web hosting” issue.


    Unique Links provides services (domain name registration, web hosting, etc.) in good faith to our Customers so that they may create their websites. Unique-Links is not responsible for any damage to customers due to data loss, service break down, or any other reason. Customer is responsible for backup of data and should not hold responsible for any kind of monetary or other losses. Customer vows that he - by engaging unique links understands that unique links does not have any legal responsibility towards customer data or keeping it up all the time or other technical issues related to web hosting. Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Unique links harmless from any liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney's fees asserted against company, its agents, customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by its agents, employees.


    Unique Links has the right to change the pricing of its services without notice. Other Activities, whether lawful or unlawful, that we determine to be harmful to our customers, operations or reputation, including any activities that restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the service or the Internet. Any violations of this agreement will result in suspension, deletion of the account and refund ineligibility. We will not, as an ordinary practice, monitor the communications of our customers to ensure that they comply with our policy or applicable law. When we become aware of harmful communications, however, we may take any of a variety of actions. We may remove information that violates our policies, implement screening software designed to block offending transmissions, or take any other action we deem appropriate, including termination of a customer's contract with us

    Finally, we wish to emphasize that in utilizing the Services of Unique Links, customers indemnify us for any violation of the customer of the Services Agreement, or of law or corporate policies, that results in loss to us or the bringing of any claim against us. This means that if we are sued because of activities of the customer that violate any law, the Services Agreement or this policy (which is part of the Services Agreement), the customer will pay any damages awarded against us, plus costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.
    We hope this Policy Statement is helpful in clarifying the obligations of Internet users, including us and our customers, as responsible members of the Internet.

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