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We Offer

Various Payment Methods

Easy Paisa, Omini, MobiCash, Upaisa

Easy Paisa Account #: 0307-5551746 in the name of Zubair Akhtar

Jazz Cash Account #: 0336-0627290 in the Name of Rehan Farooq

After the payment sms us the transaction ID, pass code and your domain name / order reference at #+92 333 2972720

Bank, ATM, Internet Banking

UBL: 1483273231404 in the name of Unique-Links

(Online and from ATM Transfer Only, no direct bank Deposit)

You can pay to these bank accounts from any related online bank in your city, or using ATM, or using internet banking.
After the payment , send us image of deposit slip. ATM slip or internet banking recipet / email and your domain name or order # or invoice reference.

Credit Card and Paypal Payments

Payapal: WhatsApp us for the PayPal email and amount in USD.
Credit Card: can be done from customer area and using signup process (if you select to pay using Credit Card).
If you are a new customer, please make sure the set up ynour payment method to Credit Card during Signup.
If you are an exisiting customer and have already set up your account with PKR payments, it may be approrpriate to ask us to send you invoice in USD for particular order for which you want to pay using Credit Card.
Alternatively just select method of payment as 2Checkout in your invoice / while ordering and you will have an option of payment button on you invoice (in customer area).

Nothing Understood?

If you do not understand the process to make payment using credit card of paypal, just let us know (email to sales) that you want to pay using credit card or paypal and we will send your the payment link.

When is Refund Admissible:

Refund: Implies return OR adjustment of of money paid to Unique Links (adjustment to any other present or future service with Unique Links).
If you are not satisifed with our "web hosting services", you can claim refund at any time, for remaining period of your service with us. The term "web hosting" does not include web development, domain name, ssl license, these being tangible items / work are explained sepearately related sections below
Money Back Guarantee, Period (30 Days) - full refund of your hosting account if you are unsatisfied with our services.
However, Any claim for refund must be supported with adequate reasons that the quality of service provided by us has not been to your satisfaction and you have been intimating us of the same (through trouble tickets you created with reference).
This does not include cancellation / termination of service by Unique Links or by you for reasons other than qulaity of service. e.g. a change in your plans to rename a website or termination due to spamming or other illegal activities

When is Refund is Not Admissible:

Advance payments of web development, when the spade work has already been done / is being presented by unique links, are not eligible for refund. Obvious reasons => work hours having been already spend for selction, customization, presentation, arrnagements of themes/ desings and related sources codes. Quality of work being relative is not accepted as reason for refund.
Cancellation of service where thge customer contravenes the Agreement with Unique Links. Such aspects include use of your website for spamming, pishing or other related activities causing server overload or bringing disrepute to us or or illegal. Unique Links will try its best to keep you informed and give chance to eliminate such issues at your end.
Changes in your plans e.g. re-namaing a website for business / other reasons. Domain name once purchased holds good for the purchased period (normally one year). Domain credits are non-refundable.

What Other General Conditions Apply

Any claims for refund be submitted to our sales department and should contain reference to the service and the mode of payment for refund. Unique Links reserve the rights to decide the case at it merit in order to protect its business and interest of other customers sharing the same server.
We will do our best to refund amount as soon as possible. However, any banking related issue due to incorrect provision of account # or limited time failure of net banking is not responsibility of unique links.

General Billing Terms and Conditions

These are to be read in conjunction with Our Terms of Service Section.

Advance Payment. Web Hosting/ Domain / SEO Services are to be paid in advance in full. For web development 60% payment is to be done in advance while remaining 40% on completion of work.
The listed prices are to be paid to unique links excluding any transaction fees charged by banks, etc.
Unique Links reserves the right to suspend all Services until payment is received in full and all outstanding debt is cleared.

Unique Links reserves the right to change the Prices and / or package / service details which will become effective when published on our website.

You warrant that You are authorized to make payment using the payment card or facility You disclose to Unique Links.
You are required check any service notifications send by Unique Links on setting up, suspension, renewal, termination etc. which may be send from time to time at your e-mail address recorded with Unique Links.
Payments processed by PayPal / 2CO are subject to respective terms and conditions. Unique Links makes no warranties with respect to these.
All invoices will be sent directly to You via e-mail shortly after the purchase or automated renewal transaction is completed.
If You fail to pay dues, Unique Links reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel related Services. Such interruption, suspension or cancellation does not relieve You from paying all contractually obligated invoices to Unique Links.


Disputes related to all kind of payments are to be referred to sales department.
The dispute statement must contain adequate reference to link transaction and reasons for dispute.
In case of disputes related to Credit Card or Paypal Payments, the terms of conditions of 2CO and paypal apply.
The disputes are to be resolved in line with the policies of respective service provider i.e. banks, easy paisa etc.

About Pros and Cons of Payment Options in Pakistan

Welcome to Hostinza Privacy Policy

One of the top issues for customers related to Web hosting in Pakistan is how to make the payment. At the outset it must be understood that it may not be practical for web hosting company to have its offices in all cities of Pakistan to reduce overhead charges and thus keeping the prices low / affordable. In most case, the service provider may have office at only one location, may be Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar etc, these being relatively bigger cities with requisite IT and communication infrastructure.

Cash Payments
This is considered most preferred method to visit office and pay. However, it needs setting up of webhosting offices or appointing payment collection representatives in cities like Multan, Faisalabad, Jhelum, Gojra, Gujrat, Sahiwal. Both of the these are not practical for online business. However, if you are based in same city, you can confirm address at Contact page, visit and pay in cash.

Deposit Cash in a Bank Account
Online banking in Pakistan makes it possible to undertake faster and secure transactions. The customer does not need to have a bank account for this. The fee for this is normally not very high, generally less than Rs 200. At Unique Links we accept this mode as one of the preferred one.

Through Check, Bank Draft, Pay order
These are also secure ways to carry out and transactions. Apart from being a slow process, bank draft, pay order and check become costly compared with other means. Apart from payment of bank fee, you have to pay the couriers for forwarding the draft to us. There are also incidents of check bouncing. Check and Bank Drafts are not ideally suited for small transaction fees related to webhosting in Pakistan. We do not accept this mode.

E-Banking and ATM Machines
The banking network in Pakistan offers e-banking facility using which one can offer payment, even recurring ones, by logging in your account using your own PC. An ATM card holder in Pakistan can also carry out transaction through ATM machines. The machines are on one link thus you can offer payments at very low cost to any bank you need. This gives major boost to online business. While it is also without any hassles and little or no charges . These are prefect for high speed operations. At unique links we accept this mode and prefer it.

Money Order
Good old money order has long been discarded due to it slow processing impracticability in era of IT and high speed communication. The mechanism is not suitable for a speedy, online . At unique links also, we do not entertain this mechanism for our services.

Easy Paisa,UPaisa, Mobi Cash
These are newly launched services. Are easier, faster and secure. At the face of it the name does not seem to be very hi-tech, however the services are based on sound footing. The transactions are instant and both parties get sms immediately. This makes creation of account fastest compared with all other services. These are cheapest service for the purpose and probably next generation solution. At unique links we accept theses cheaper and faster modes of payment in Pakistan and prefer it.