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Our top selling package ensures you adequate resources for efficient online presence of your website. One keeps wondering how to check quality of the web hosting in Pakistan before paying. Correct assessment of quality can save time and money. If you requirement relates to .net hosting your can visit our .net hosting packages.

Our Hosting Features

- Features mentioned in this view are applicable for all packages. Use buttons on left and bottom to explore packages, procedure, payment process. Click Here to Buy Hosting with Us.

- Free domain regisration of .com, .net, info, .org, few other domain name with each package.

- WP, Joomla & 100s of free scripts- one click automated installation. Details

- Cpanel is simple and comprehensive panel with exhaustive features - Demo

- WHMCS in customer's areas allowing you to manage tickets and billing.

- mysql, php admin, no limit on number of DB as long as within overall space limit.

- USA based severs, minimum 8 cores with 16 GB RAM on 100 mpbs port.

Web Hosting, Domain Registration - Pakistan - Student Plan

  • Has 2GB space, 5 GB monthly bandwidth @ Rs 1000 Per Year
  • With 5 email boxes, 1 database and free .TK domains with space of 2GB.
  • Generally one page takes less than 1MB, On average 500- 1000 pages can be uploaded in 2GB.
    Who Should Buy This Package:
  • University Students with domain level emails, limited database.
  • Good for presenting the college / university projects online
  • Pakistani students for their small one time online projects
  • WordPress and Joomla Supported
  • MySQL Database included for hosting the php scripts
  • Still does not understand? Contact us for support!

Basic Web Hosting Plan

  • Basic plan has 3GB space, 10 GB monthly bandwidth @ Rs 1675 Per Year
  • With 10 email boxes, 3 database and free .com, .net domains.
    Who Should Buy This Package:
  • Ideal for Small business website in Pakistan/ world wide with extensive emails, limited database.
  • NGOs and Quran Tutoring website based in Pakistan / abroad.
  • Personal web hosting when traffic / resources requirement is not very high.
  • Ideal for Web developers / reseller hosting - for their customers. The service is not branded in our name, is cheaper thus best suited for web developers and resellers, till you buy a reseller plan.
  • Starter level Word Press Blog and Joomla related website.
  • Social Network or Forum in its first year.
    New to Hosting? Does not Understand?: Go for lowest package, you can upgrade later, in needed. Package can be changed any time.

Business Hosting Plan

  • Basic plan has 10GB space, 25 GB monthly bandwidth @ Rs 2500 Per Year
  • Unlimited email boxes, database, subdomains, parked domains within overall space of 10GB.
  • Who Should Buy This Package:
  • Ideal for starting any kind of dynamic website.
  • Business Websites of medium size with extensive emails and database functions.
  • Static and dynamic Personal website needing reasonable resources and scripting.
  • Dynamic website for online projects by students where space / bandwidth is critical.
  • Social network, blog, classified, directory, e-commerce website for medium size.
  • Medium sized Forum.
  • Non Government Organization (NGO) Websites based in Pakistan / world wide.
  • Affiliate and online money making website (google addsense) with starter level of traffic.
  • Ideal for Web developers / web hosting resellers, being cheaper and not branded in our name.
  • Not Understand Above? Save money, buy lowest package (value package). Upgrade later, if needed. Upgrade can be done instantly.

Professional Hosting Plan

  • Basic plan has 20GB space, 50 GB monthly bandwidth @ Rs 4000 Per Year
  • Unlimited email boxes, database, subdomains, parked domains within overall space of 3GB.
    Types of Websites Suitable to be hosted on this Package:
  • Corporate websites needing comprehensive web based presence.
  • File and video sharing websites having high traffic.
  • Social network, blog, forum, classified, directory, e-commerce website.
  • Web development and web hosting companies.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS), Real Estates and Jobs website with high traffic.
  • Affiliate and Online Money making websites including goggle addsense.
  • Governments websites.
  • Training institutes (school, college, university) website requiring detailed database functionalities.
  • Online products sales website, Survey websites, marriage website, hotel and airline reservation website.
  • All types of flash, dynamic websites where dedicated server is too expensive.

This section explains areas which could not be covered above for services of Web hosting - Domain Registration Pakistan. You can click on the question to find answer.


Q - About Serves location and Specifications?

The Servers are located in USA, at Dallas and Los Angeles data centers. Minimum Server Specifications are as under, you can find these in your hosting panel when you have an account with us:-
- - Quad Core, with 8 HT 3.2Ghz cores.
- - 16 GB RAM and 100 Mbps port.
- - Latest version of Cpanel, Softaclous, php and mysgl installed.
- - Incremental backup on secondary disk on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Q - How Much Space and Bandwidth I Need?

Web Space:-
- - If your website is already developed, place its file in folder on your PC and right click to determine space.
- - For most starter website not having lots of video or audio contents 1-2 GB space may be adequate.

- - Bandwidth is allotted / calculated on monthly basis. It depends upon contents of website which site visitors see / down-upload.
- - No of likely daily visitors x number of pages each visitor will view x 30 = Total monthly bandwidth required.


Q - How much Time is taken for Setting tup of WebHosting Account?

- - Normally we will set up your webhosting account within 12-24 hours of receipt of payment information from you.
- - Remember to check you spam / junk mail folders and in your customer area with us for details.


Q - How to upload the Files at Web Server?

- - You can upload files to the server from your PC using File Manager in your hosting panel, where is files are not many.
- - Or you can use any ftp clients like free file zilla. Ftp clients give you better control and are recommended.
- - The location where these files are to be placed on sever is send in your hosting account setup details.


Q - Creating Email Accounts, Subdomains, Parking Page on the Server?

- - Creating e-mail account is done from within your hosting panel is few mouse clicks.
- - You can access your email boxes at yourdomainname.com/webmail.
- - Help documents and videos of all of the above are available in Cpanel as well as in our knowledge base.