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How to Upload Files - Manage Folder using File Manager How to Create and Manage an Email Account in Cpanel Hosting
Learn How to upload files in Cpanel.. This method is recommended for small website. Where you have to upload a large website, you should be using ftp software. You can create email addresses with your domain name extension i.e. sales@yourdomainname. This vidoes tutorial shows how to create your email address.
How to Create the Auto Responder for Your Email Account How to do Email Forwarding to get emails at one Email Account
Automatic response to anyone who emails you. e.g. While porceeding on leave you can add an uto responder for one sending you email will automatically get a response. If you want that instead of opening all mail boxes you should get a copy to your gmail address, you can use email forwarding from within your cpanel.
How to Create a Sub Domain of Your Website using Cpanel Learn about How to Create an AddOn domain from Your Cpanel
Having a number of categories of your business / website, e.g. Selling computers in Pakistan with outlets in Lahore, Karachi, Islmabad, create sub domains like www.lahore.yourdomainname Add on domain is like a normal domain, additional to the main domain allowing you to manage more than one domain from same panel.. Our multiple domain hosting packages has this option.
How to do Domain Parking from your Web Panel (Cpanel) How to Change Password of Cpanel - and Use IP Deny Manager
Parked domains are additional domainswhich display the same website / contents as your primary domain, e.g if your main domain is sialkote.com, you can register and park sialkote.pk, sialkote.com.pk etc that all are pointing to sialkote.com (Video Parked Domain ) It can be good idea to periodically keep changing the password of your hosting panel for security reasons. (Learn How to Change password of you Hosting Panel ). You can also block a range of IP addresses from accessing your webiste using ip deny manager ( see how to do it )

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