Our eagerness to provide technology driven services in Pakistan emerges from our goal to assist you in having your business online. For us your feed back and input can be of great value. Multiple means listed below can assist you in contacting our company.

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    Chaklala, Rawalpindi Pakistan
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    House # 579, street 53, G-9/1 Islamabad Pakistan
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What is Customer' s Satisfaction:
In relation to web hosting in Pakistan, web designing and SEO services in Pakistan, customer satisfaction would in physical sense mean, instant and clear response to pre-sales inquiry, simple and fast payment processing, quick setting up of account, elaborate yet simple knowledge base, tutorials and videos, experience and helpful support staff and effective customers relation management system. This can only be achieved through a well geared team and unique links has that.

Maintaining contact is one of the highly priority area. Towards this end we have established a comprehensive database of our Pakistan based and global customers. We have also integrated WHMCS which is a billing and support and customer relation management application (WHMCS) that our customer as well as support team in Pakistan can maintain track of the billing and support issues with you.

The Services to Pakistanis have been taken up by us as a passion. The WHMCS (billing, ticketing and Customer Relation Managment System), Phone, web based forms, email contact are just a mean towards that end i.e. to facilitate you in retaining unbreakable link with unique links. If your requirement is well worked out development of your web site followed by registration of a domain name, a stable, fast and cheaper web hosting in Pakistan, contact us.

Importance of Your feed Back: your feed back and input will not only resolve your issues, but help us improve in areas where we are lagging, This in turn would mean an improvement in quality by eradication of errors as per your complaints. Feel Free to ask questions and clear your doubts on any of the issues. We understand that our taks of web hosting in Pakistan would never be complete without requisite input from your side.

Response time: A balance between response time and over-head expenses is need to retain quick response and well as low cost. We have been able to respond to our Pakistani and global customers in anaverage response time of 6 hours, while almost all of the issues are resolved within 24 hours. We are trying our best to reduce our response time further and you feedback in this regards can be very important to us. No matter where you are located in Pakistan, we would like to maintain contact with you.